Cee Lo is Elmo & I Hate Jewelry Commercials

Did anyone watch the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting on Wednesday night? Yikes.

Cee Lo Green as Elmo
What goes on? I saw Cee Lo come on in his red get-up and my immediate reaction was to question if he was mocking the whole situation.

As it turns out, this was planned and he was basically a fill-in for Elmo. Once I found out that information, everything made sense. The producers were obviously thinking wow, if only we could find someone dumb and annoying enough to throw a red fur vest around himself. Then they saw Cee Lo and their problem was solved. I can barely handle Cee Lo as himself, but this is where I draw the line. The whole thing was just disturbing on so many levels. If you haven’t seen the video, please do so and have yourself a laugh.

Jewelry Commercials
All jewelry commercials are obnoxious. I think (hope) we can all agree on that, but the Christmas ones just top the cake. I have so much hatred for them. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any worse, they come out with this*. The couple is ice-skating (classic Kay) and the guy stops them both in the middle of the rink, and starts telling her how much he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, then gets down on his knee and proposes. She’s obviously shocked and says yes. They are hugging and celebrating and we get a good shot of the ring on her hand. Okay, that’s expected – no big deal. I rolled my eyes and was thankful it was over. But then they turn the cameras behind them and you see a whole crowd of people cheering for them! WHAT!? They had their whole fam damily & friends there to watch the proposal. They were clapping and the couple skated over to celebrate with them. Too far, Kay. Too far.
*I searched high and low for this awful commercial but couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. If you know of what I speak and have a link, please feel free to share in the comments. For now, I leave you with this amazingness I was able to find*

Queen Mariah
I have to end this on a happy note. Mariah delivered as per usual, red satin gloves and all. Everyone’s been talking about how outrageous her outfit was, and how her dress was revealing, to say the least, but why is this news? We’ve all been exposed to Mariah’s cleave since 1990 so it’s baffles me why 20+ years later people are outraged. Personally, I’d be concerned something was wrong if she  was covered up.

Smooches, sister



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