I am Not a Runner

I received an email the other day reminding me that registration for the Boilermaker starts next month and I wanted to vomit. No thank you, Boilermaker. I will not be participating this year. Last July I ran this race for the first and only time.

First, I have to say this race was actually fun, if you enjoy running. People cheered you on literally every step of the way, handing out water, orange slices, and ice pops. This is most likely the only reason I actually finished. I remember I ran by this cute old couple sitting on the side of the street at the very end. It was the last leg of the race so I probably really looked like I wanted to murder someone at this point. The lady smiled and shouted “You’re almost there. You can see the finish line!” I gave her the death stare smiled and sprinted to the finish.

I am the first to admit that my hatred for this race is 100% my fault. I did not train and then thought it would be feasible to run a 15K. In the weeks beforehand, the longest I ran was about 3 miles, so it was obviously a total fail on my part. It was hot and miserable that day and I pretty much wanted to die. Whenever I say this, Al always asks “Aren’t you proud of yourself for doing it, though?” Well, duh, of course! Looking back, I am absolutely glad I did it, but for the almost 2 hours (yeah I was obviously slow – what of it?) before I crossed the finish line, I was miserable. I cannot do something for such a long period of time – by choice – just to be proud afterward. It’s just not worth it if you don’t enjoy the actual running portion. Ya catch my drift?

I have not run since that fateful July day, and with the cold and snow approaching, I doubt I will be running any time soon. I am doing just fine with my tap and ballet and Pilates, thankyouverymuch. Running is simply not enjoyable for me so I don’t intend to throw on the sneaks any time soon. Don’t quote me on this in a few months. There will be a gorgeous day in March that I’m itching to get outside, and I will go for a run. But it will be at my own pace and for pure enjoyment.

Phoebe Running from Starling Fitness


9 thoughts on “I am Not a Runner

  1. I’m not sure if I think you’re crazy or stupid for running a 15k without training for it, but, wow, that’s impressive that you finished. Kudos!

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