A Birthday & X Factor Thoughts

First and most importantly, Happy Birthday Bri! You’re only as old as you feel, so I hope you eat lots of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

X Factor

I’ve been wanting to discuss X Factor for quite some time now, but there’s just so much happening on this show that I had to wrap my head around before I could form any sort of coherent thoughts.

Let’s start off with the hot mess that calls herself Khloe Kardashian Odom. She has incredible difficultly reading the teleprompter and ends up botching every line. How does one host a live television show without the ability to speak properly? When she’s not talking over AC Slater Mario Lopez, she just stands there and poses. After watching the episode last night I am convinced that she thinks she’s being photographed, not recorded.

Mario Dimples Lopez quite obviously owns this stage, and he knows it. He’s just waiting until they give her the boot tell him he’ll be hosting solo next year.

As we move on to the judges, let’s start with LA Reid. Honestly, LA is LA. He obviously knows what he’s talking about but I always think of Pink’s song, Don’t Let Me Get Meand the line “LA told me ‘You’ll be a pop star. All you have to change is everything you are'” and it just shows how awesome Pink is. I also cannot get over the head bobbing.


That brings us to Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop. Let me first say that I love Britney. I’m pretty sure her CD was one of the first I ever owned. I adore her and think she’s incredible and is back in the game after she made it out on the other side of the infamous shaved head. I just don’t understand why she is so out of it on this show.

She has two comments. One is “That wasn’t good” and the other is “that was good.” I just don’t get it. She obviously knows what she’s doing and I think she should pass along some of her wisdom to the newbs.

It’s goes without saying that Simon Cowell does no wrong. Yes, he can be mean and blunt, but at least he knows what he’s talking about and isn’t annoying. Demi Lovato, on the other hand, needs to RE-LAX. Her little banter with Simon was sort of funny at first, but now it’s just obnoxious and she’s embarrassing herself. She grabbed his microphone from him last night when he was speaking.  Come on! It’s really just way too much, Dem. I’m not sure if you knew, but he has just a tic more power than you, and you probably won’t be invited next year if this continues. Maybe Demi & Khloe can find another job together.

There are six contestants left that will be whittled down to four to perform in the Semi Finals. Here they are, just chillin:


First up last night was Cece Frey (bottom left above). I really have no words. It is criminal that this girl is still on the show when people like Jenel Garcia have gone home. Not only is she wildly annoying, but she continues to sing poorly every single week. Last night she literally commented about how all the extravagant lights & back-up singers “mask her vocals.” I’m sorry, I thought this was a singing competition, no? I feel like I sing better when I’m screaming in my car.

I’m sort of over Emblem 3 (three boys on bottom right). They’re not great singers, so most of their appeal come from little teens thinking they’re cute, which I get, but the best looking and best singer out of the three of them (green hat) has never really gotten any recognition – probably because he’s the least obnoxious. Just recently they started giving him more solo parts in songs which is a good idea. The one on the right (frosted tips) is the annoying clown that takes his shirt off every chance he gets and seems to have the vocabulary of a first grader. The “reggae/surfer boy/I’m high all the time” thing is just annoying. Maybe I’m just getting old.

I could go on and on about Carly Rose Sonenclar (middle). This girl is LEGIT. I don’t even know where to begin. Perhaps you should just watch this video of her singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. GAH. She is just amazing and I am jealous of her talent. Oh, and she’s 13 years old. I can’t even deal. She needs to win. Period.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I LOVE Fifth Harmony (top left). They can be semi-annoying with their “girl power” and “we love each other so much” attitude all the time, but they can sing, that’s for sure. Simon put them together just like a little known boy band called One Direction. I’m jus sayin’.

Diamond White (right, wearing black hat) is adorbs and I am glad they brought her back after she got the outrageously undeserved boot. I don’t think she’ll win, but she is certainly talented. Although XF really needs to stop bringing people back after they’ve been kicked off.

I’m not a country fan but I will admit that Tate Stevens (top in cowboy hat duh) is good, and like-able. He’s not annoying like some that are still there. I don’t want him to win, but he’ll probably have a country album regardless.

If I had any control over the Top 4 it would be:

CarRo (We’re really tight)
Diamond White
Fifth Harm
Tate Stevens

But I am frightened because I think it will be:

Cece Frey
Emblem 3
Tate Stevens

Honestly, Carly just needs to win and I will have faith in humanity.


6 thoughts on “A Birthday & X Factor Thoughts

  1. I love Britney’s facial expressions. They say exactly what she is thinking. Agree on the Kim thing. She is UNEmPLOYED next year.

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