Bowling Alley or Night Club?

My friends and I went bowling this weekend, so be jealous. Bowling alleys remind me of junior high & high school. Let’s be honest, it was just the cool thing to do on Friday nights. I may have been on a bowling league at one point, but this isn’t about my athletic rolling a ball ability.

It was a bit different being over the age of 14 since we were able to enjoy a brew at the bar beforehand. Let’s just say that one beer led to pitchers and we turned our bowling game into a game of Kings. After a couple games, we were all getting ready to leave when they turned down the lights to make way for the infamous disco lights. We just sort of looked at each other and sat back down. Party. Was. Starting. The lights weren’t any different from what you’d normally experience at a bowling alley, but what really got us pumped was the music. There was  essentially a DJ talking to the clubbers bowlers and taking song requests. There wasn’t one song that was played that we didn’t enjoy.

It gets better, you guys. At one point they had a dance contest and yours truly obviously can’t pass that up. There was one girl there who definitely thought she was at a club. It was absurd. I mean, when I’m outraged by someone’s dance moves, you know there’s an issue. Needless to say, I was not about to let her upstage me. And upstage me she did not. I walked away with this:

photo (3)

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Al also won a coupon after showing up three teenagers doing the electric slide. We quite obviously were entertaining for all. When we were leaving, the DJ/bowling alley associate was asking us to “PLEASE come back soon.” Lady, we know we bring the party wherever we go.

You’re welcome.

And we’ll be back, as long as jock jams is on the playlist next time.


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