Because it’s Friday and I Feel Like Being Random, That’s Why

I hand wrote and addressed over 50 Christmas cards for work yesterday. My hand was numb afterwards.

I follow The 90’s Life on Twitter because their tweets are usually funny and 100% accurate, but they posted something the other day that really got my panties in a (4)
Based on the comments, they were suggesting that Full House intended for Stephanie Judith Tanner to twist the word to call Kimmy Gibbler a “whore-o-scope” when it was, without question, a “horror-scope.” The nerve. I can’t even deal. Who do these people think they are? If they think this show is capable of going to such lengths, then they quite obviously have never experienced the wonder of Full House before (which is a crime in and of itself) and have no authority to be tweeting such things.

I still haven’t watched XFactor or Glee from this week! Who am I? Well, my friends – someone who has a jam-packed Friday night ahead of her. That’s who.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes. This is the best news!!! I can’t even get my ish together to explain how excited I am for this.

I spent the better half of 2 hours the other day searching and studying computers so I can get a new one. I finally found one that I liked that didn’t require a kidney donation for purchase, so I’m all

I typed in all of my information and was about to check out and they were all like “Oh sorry, there aren’t any available for shipment. You have to pick it up.” So I was like ok, cool. I’m down with that. It’s probably a better option anyway. So then it was all like “pick your store within a 300 mile radius, so I do, and there are NONE available – nothing in a 300 mile radius. WHAT THE – Do you know how much time I wasted? Why was it listed on the website? That is boo-shit. So then I was just sitting there like


I was finally able to compose myself, but wow. They need to get it together. Now I don’t have the patience to go back and search for 18 more hours to find another computer. SO it was basically the worst thing ever.

Honestly, at this point I don’t even care. It’s Friday and I can sleep until noon tomorrow. Just roll with it.


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