Christmas Memories, Part 2: Stocking Rummaging at 3AM

As I mentioned, my mind has been flooded with Christmas memories, and with less than one week until Christmas, I want to continue sharing for your amusement. If you missed the first one, you can check that out ova here. If you haven’t caught on by now, baby Erica usually tried to get some sort of glimpse of the loot on Christmas Eve. This particular Christmas was no different.

Our house did not have a fireplace growing up, so we did not have a chimney. Therefore, Erica panicked about Santa’s ability to enter our house. My parents assured me that Rudolph and his crew just set up camp on the deck while Santa came in through the back door. I actually remember asking them a lot of questions about this:

Does he have a key?
So will we leave the door unlocked for him?
Then how will he get in? *tears forming*
Because he’s magic.

Once that worry was squashed, I started to plan. They should have known that by telling me this, it meant that in addition to leaving cookies and milk for Santa, we would now also need to leave carrots for the reindeer. (This was probably just a ploy to get rid of the carrots in the house based on my hatred of them to this day).

Like clockwork, my eyes popped open in the middle of the night on this Christmas, and I quietly made it out of my room and tip-toed down the hall. Luckily, we always kept a nightlight on in the living room, so I had that as a guide to help me from bumping into walls. We can’t risk turning on any lights, people!

The first thing that greeted me were the stockings. Normally hung from the ledge, this time they were resting against the wall on the floor, too heavy for a simple hook to hold. (Side note: We’re just going to brush over the fact that Nicole had a bigger stocking than I did for our entire lives. I’m not scarred or anything). I popped a squat right at the top of the stairs and began to dump out the contents, but I knew I was making too much noise and needed a new plan of attack. I did my best to get a glimpse of some items without moving anything around. There was gum, candy, socks, the latest Highlights magazine – pretty standard stocking fare. There were a few things that were wrapped so I was upset that I didn’t know what those were. I carefully put back all of the stuffers I had taken out and leaned my stocking back against the wall.

I was about to just go back to bed, but then I thought OhMiGod! The cookies and carrots! I made my may into the kitchen and checked to make sure Santa ate the cookies. A few bits and pieces left on the plate confirmed that he did. Excellent. Next up were the carrots. I flicked on the deck light. This was a risky move since my parents’ window faced the deck. I left it on for just a few seconds, which was long enough to see bite marks in the carrots, with only half of them left. My eyes bugged out. OhMiGod they ate the carrots! This is the best day ever! I tip-toed back down the hall and hopped back in bed.

I remember the next morning running straight towards the tree and my Mom telling me to open my stocking first. Oh, right. Been there. Done that. But of course I listened. I couldn’t let anyone know that I had already read all the jokes in my Highlights magazine hours earlier, via nightlight.

Up Next: Dad Santa Writes a Note


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