Carly Rose Sonenclar was ROBBED of Her Win

I don’t even know how to start, so I’m just going to dive right in. Tate Stevens won X Factor over the perfection of Carly Rose Sonenclar. I am in shock. After watching this outrage unfold, I tweeted this to sum up my feelings.

photo (6)

It does give me hope though. Clay is still touring and while most may not call him successful, he certainly has done worlds better than the joke of Ruben Studdard that beat him. I’m sorry for 2004, too, Rube. We all are.

I do think Tate is a great person, loves his wife. his family, and all that jazz that they kept shoving in our faces throughout the season. Sure, maybe I’d like to be his friend. But when you just won a 5 million dollar recording contract and sing your final song without breaking down in tears, my respect level for you plummets. This has been done many time before and everyone knows that you should be UGLY CRYING and struggling to finish your song. If you need examples, please head on over to Kelly, Lee, and Melanie.

The few tears that Tate wiped at the end should have been MY reaction to watching his sobs. Instead, I just turned off my TV and walked away in disbelief.

It was just such a let down on what could have been an incredibly moving performance for his career, and he just didn’t take advantage of it at all, so good luck with that now, Tate.

For your own viewing pleasure and post holiday joy, please watch Carly Rose singing a classic. How does a person that can sing just as good as, if not – dare I say it – better than Mariah, NOT win this show?

I just can’t.


6 thoughts on “Carly Rose Sonenclar was ROBBED of Her Win

  1. I think the two people that should have been in the final, were in the final. I loved both of them very much and I believe they both have great carriers ahead of them. Carly Rose is thirteen; she has her entire life in front of her, and while Tate is just south of forty and able to do anything he wants in life I think his win is completely justified. Carly knows the talent she has; Tate only seems to have come to realize it with time.

    The fact that he didn’t cry was amazing, A. he is not a girl, B. he is an adult, and C. we expect him to be a professional… I would have been really disappointed if he did cry. He was tearing up when he won, but he needed to control that while all the other contestants joined him on stage, this year’s talent was fantastic and to cry at that moment would have seemed like a disservice to all of them. Like he was saying, I don’t really belong up here. You can tell by the way they talk about one another and the families talk about one another they have a deep love and respect for each other.

    1. Blah, why was it justified that he won? Because he was OLDER? He needed it more? Carly was way above him in talent but the producers wanted a country singer I guess. You don’t really think your vote counts do you?

      1. I think the amount of votes are crazy… but I would assume they count.

        He certainly needed it more than she did, I do think that is a stupid part of the show, I want their singing to speak for itself not some background stuff that makes me sad for people.

        At the end of the day I didn’t want it to come down to them because I wanted them both to win, my boyfriend and I knew from the moment they both sang it would be down to them. I hope and expect they will both have carriers after that and that is about all we can hope for right?

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