Been the Number One Diva in this Game for a Minute

I feel like making a video for Beyonce’ a la Leave Britney Alone circa 2007, but I digress.

All day I was haunted by rumors that Beyonce’ lip synced the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Presidential Inauguration on Monday. Why should I believe this Kristen DuBois character and who does she think she is to judge Queen B’s performance? Turns out, K Du spoke a little too soon.

I don’t want to brag, but I am a self-appointed lip sync detector. Seriously, I have a fairly good ability to tell if something is live or not, and I swear to you that is not what I am believing when I watch this. As much as I would hate to, I would admit it if that were the case. I’ve re-played her performance about 15 times now, on my DVR since the internets will not give you the best format. I’ve been searching for a sign (we’re really close in that she’d give me some sort of signal) and I see no proof of a syncer. All I’m seeing is when she rips the earpiece out because she’s Beyonce Sasha Fierce Knowles-Carter and doesn’t have time for that.

And I’m seeing veins bulging in her neck from singing so powerfully, and I’m hearing her breaths match up exactly. And even though she’s close to perfect, she’s not. There are glitches. For example, at the end when she’s singing “Oh say does that star spangled” she cuts off quickly before the band, losing breath. At this same part, she smiles as she sings “spangled” and you can hear the change/smile in her voice.  I refuse to believe this hogwash until one of her reps confirms its truth. Until then, I wait in agony to hear the truth of our queen.

The ONLY way, I could maybe believe this were true would be if they said that the beginning of the song was lip synced, and post ear-piece removal, it was live B.

That being said, does it matter?

I recall another flawless rendition that was lip-synced.

*Full disclosure: Lip sync or not, B, nor anyone, will ever trump Whitney’s rendition. This was merely to prove a point.

I have not lost faith, and girl, you know I have your back for life. But if there is one minuscule speculation of you lip syncing at the Super Bowl, I’m gonna crawl up in a hole with B-Day and listen for days, remembering simpler times.

You must not know ’bout B.


7 thoughts on “Been the Number One Diva in this Game for a Minute

  1. GIRL!!
    So glad to have found you.

    I am ultimate beyonce FAN!. I like to say I’m sisters with both her and Britney since we grew up together(I was 9 when I fell in love with them both hahaha).
    ppl need to chill. Whitney lipsynced at the superbowl and people will always say that’s the best rendition of the anthem etc. GRR LOVE Bey and I cannot wait for the superbowl.

    Ranting over. I got that out my system. 😀

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