Fun Friday Things

1. I live in an apartment complex where our building shares communal laundry facilities. I am ashamed to admit that I was that girl the other night that kept forgetting about her laundry. A kind-souled neighbor moved everything into the drier AND folded it afterwards. I suck. So now I’m trying to think of a way to pay it forward.

2. Glee came back last night and it was a phenomenal episode. They sang “No Scrubs” by TLC. I don’t think life gets much better. I know I just talked about TV shows I love, but this one trumps them all.

3. I drank a ton of water this week and it wasn’t even intentional. Go me! Although I’m now probably pinned as the “girl with the bladder problem” at work. Don’t care.

4. I’ve recently discovered the joys of Greek Yogurt. I had tried it a few years ago and it took all of my will power not to spit it out. (Food for thought: is it possible to “spit out” yogurt?) Anyway, I just didn’t understand why something so sour could be enjoyable. I was worried that my taste buds wouldn’t work afterwards. What if I could never taste chocolate again? (Spoiler alert: I could.) After that, I was all give me sugared-up yogurt, damnit! I have no idea why, but I tried the Greek again at my mom’s a few months ago and it tasted like a complete dream. It is marvelous. Obviously it needs to have some sort of fruit situation accompanying it, but I can’t get enough of it. The point I’m trying to make is that carrots are again the only food I despise. I know you really needed all of this information. You’re welcome.

5. There is nothing greater than getting home from work and changing into sweatpants.
β€œwhat’s your sense of style?”

6. People in China are sleeping in Ikea stores. What goes on? Why am I paying rent when I can just live in Ikea? Full article here.

7. I still don’t believe this is true.

8. I haven’t watched American Idol since the first episode and I’m not even upset about it. This is unusual behavior so I’m confused as to what is happening in my brain.

9. Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Day and I didn’t even know. What sort of fan am I? Luckily, I try to incorporate the butter into at least one meal per day, so I definitely ate some, but I still wish I had known. I probably would have made something special.

10. I have nothing left to say to you, but I have mild number OCD and refuse to end on number nine. Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Fun Friday Things

  1. I’ve never gotten into Glee 😦
    I’m gonna youtube that No Scrubs cover though – since I love that song, and think that’d be amusing to see them do it! haha!

    I’ve missed the last 2 episodes of AI toooo!

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