The Bachelor, Week 4: *Spoiler Alert* Sean Still Has Abs

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Last night’s episode lacked a workout/shower montage. At first, I was confused and thought I was watching the wrong show, but then we were graced with Sean’s bod when he was prancing around the bathroom before getting dressed.

That’s more like it.

Selma got the first one-on-one date. She told Sean that she thought people misjudge her because of her looks. Huh? So she was basically saying “I’m just too gorgeous that everyone thinks I’m just a pretty face.” That’s not shallow at all. For a change, the two took a private jet to Joshua Tree National Park where they rock climbed since Sean wanted to “take her out of her comfort zone.” She redeemed herself a bit here after scaling that wall like a champ. Afterwards they had dinner together and curled up on a large chair/bed/couch, as per usual. Selma explained that she comes from a conservative family and out of respect for them, she wouldn’t kiss Sean until she’s the last girl standing. More power to ya sister, but that is the kiss of death for this show. Sorry for the pun.

Roller Derby was the group date of choice, although I’m wondering whose choice. This was just a disaster waiting to happen. First of all, I remember when Sarah told Sean about how horrible it was when she was told she couldn’t zip line because she only had one arm. She insisted Sean know that this made her feel like shit and to never treat her differently. She ended up crying at roller derby saying she couldn’t do it because of her disability. That’s fine. I understand that. But the constant back and forth is just absurd. You either want to be pitied, or you don’t.

This is exhausting.

Amanda lied and told the girls she had done roller derby before even though she hadn’t, just to throw them off and make them nervous. Turns out, karma’s a beetch because she ended up falling and hurting her jaw. Of course they made a big to-do and the medics were pretty much saying she was going to die have a broken jaw, but she was obviously fine after, so I don’t know what that was all about.

My favorite part of the date was quite possibly at the end when they started playing “Foolish Heart” by Steve Perry.

I was transported back to Jake’s “On the Wings of Love” season.

You’re welcome for making your day 10x better by posting that video.

Anywhore, Tierra is so manipulative and annoying. They must pay these girls more so they have some sort of drama, right? Either that, or this is her being real, which is just awful. She pretended she wanted to go home and then Sean ended up giving her the rose. What? She then fake apologized to Robyn and Jackie for being insane so they don’t say anything negative about her to Sean. Tierra is smart, but she sucks.

I felt bad for Leslie H. when Sean sent her home during their one-on-one date. They had a Pretty Woman-esque date where she got to wear a designer dress, shoes, purse, and jewelry. She was loving love and loving Sean, but he just wasn’t feeling it. They didn’t seem to mesh well, so he definitely did the right thing, but what a bummer for her.

Amanda was the other girl who went home rose-less. It’s so unfortunate that her jaw was not broken; if it was, maybe Sean would’ve given her a pity stay. We also saw a little more of Catherine. The only thing that stuck out to me prior was her beef comment, but she seemed like a sane human, and funny last night. I need them to have a date so I can further assess. We have yet to see much of Jackie or Daniella either, so I’m interested to see if anything happens with them.

Let’s wait on the edge of our seats together, shall we?


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