My Bucket List

I panicked the other day because I realized I don’t have a bucket list. Well, I do, but it wasn’t written down. Luckily, I’ve been writing things down in my handy dandy notebook I purchased the other day when I went to target for shampoo and spent $50.

Anyway, here is what I have so far. This is obviously a fairly short bucket list and I guarantee I’ll think of something new as soon as I post this, but it’s a start.

1. Go to Italy. I’d love to visit every single country if I could, but this is a realistic BL okay? Italia e’ numero uno.

2. Write Finish my book. Maybe I need to set a date for this. Finish by the end of 2014? That seems doable.

3. Own a beach house. Don’t care where. Don’t care how big. As long as I can smell the wondrous salty ocean from it, I’m set.

4. Write freelance. This just seems fun, no? Just me?

5. Go on a cross country road trip. Specifically, I need to visit Chicago and Seattle.

6. Go horseback riding. How random of me? I just think it would be cool. It probably stems from It Takes Two and Full House. Sorry I love the Olsen twins.

I was searching for a good picture of them, and ended up watching a solid 45 minutes of videos. Best day ever!

7. Become a wine snob, minus the snob part. I want to be well-educated in terms of wine, but I know that even if that happens, I would never say no to a box of Franzia.
stop perpetrating on my boxwine

8. Read one book a month. This seems easy. Maybe I should make it two?

9. Stop biting my nails. It’s gross.

10. Take at least one picture a day. Perhaps this should be a short term goal. I’m having some ideas. Month long photo challenge anyone? Let me put some thangs together.

11. Watch The Bucket ListI’ve never seen it, but it seems appropriate.

12. See Beyonce’ live. This should probably be number one.

13. Tell everyone that 13 is my favorite number which is why I’m ending here. For now…

What’s on your bucket list, friends? I want to know. Plus, I could probably use some ideas to add more to mine.


6 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I actually started by creating a list of things I know I’ll never do. It gave me a true sense of accomplishment coming up with the list, then immediately crossing everything off…

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