February Foto Challenge!

When I wrote about my bucket list yesterday, I mentioned that I want to take one picture a day. This got the wheels spinnin’ in the ole noggin’ and I decided to do a photo challenge. I’ve seen these done on facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social media sites that allow you to feel more important than you are via photo sharing. I put together a February photo challenge for all of us to participate in together! Since tomorrow is February 1st (what the what?) we’ll start then. Luckily, February is short and only has 28 days so I didn’t have to overexert myself thinking of ideas.

February Foto Challenge

Every day, take a picture (or I GUESS you can use an old one if say, oh I don’t know, there doesn’t happen to be a rainbow on February 26th) and post it on your twitter, facebook, instragram, blog, refrigerator, cat – whatever you want. Use the hashtag #photoaday and we can all be friends and share pictures. YAY!

Since I know many of you are concerned this will take away from my standard wit & banter, FEAR NOT! This will only be in addition to the fun you see here on a daily basis.

camera clipart


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