Freaky Friday & #photoaday Numba One!

First things first: It’s Day 1 of the February Foto Challenge!February Foto Challenge

You’re welcome for this mug

A few things about this. I took one picture before this that was horrid and not post-worthy. As I took that one, two people walked by staring, which is why the second (above) is at a strange angle because I was trying to be discreet. Can’t a girl just throw up deuces in her car free of judgement anymore!? I wasn’t even duck-facing. The things I do for you people.

Now onto your regularly scheduled blogging. This week FLEW by for me. If your week seemed to drag, I’m sorry that I just shoved that in your face. Friday’s seem to be my most random days, thoughts, and posts, so here goes. You can thank me later.

1. My new calendar arrived just in time for February. Wahoo! It’s so adorbs but too giant for my baby cubicle wall. Whatever – we make adjustments, yes?


2. Are you excited for the Super Bowl Beyonce’ to perform at halftime? More importantly, did you watch this yet? Bad ass.

So damn proud. I think it’s sad that she was so attacked that she felt the need to redeem herself, but if anyone can be classy about this situation, it’s Queen B. I can’t wait until she wows us for the umpteenth time on Sunday so everyone can shut their yaps once and for all. “Any questions?”

3. I believe I’m going to see Les Mis tomorrow (Katie? Monica?) and I can’t wait to see if Anne Hathaway is deserving of her awards.

4. I forgot to bring a hair tie to work yesterday and it essentially ruined my day. On a completely relevant note, I need to read White Girl Problems.

White Girl Problems Book

5. Corey & Topanga’s Girl Meets World love child has been revealed! Her name is Rowan Blanchard and she is precious and seriously looks like she could be their offspring. I just can’t wait to have an excuse to watch Disney Channel again. I miss you, Lizzie.

6. A lot of people are in an uproar about 30 Rock ending and I just feel just TV envy since I never watched it and don’t get the jokes. Ugh.

7. My friend, Meg, sent me this picture the other day and it made me super happy that I’m successful in portraying my true image.

On that note, I’m off to find some wine and a good beat…


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