February Photo Challenge: Day 3 – Something You Miss

HAPPY BEYONCE’ BOWL DAY! I’ll be heading over to my sister’s house later for festivities. Paulie is concerned about the niners and I’m concerned about Beyonce’s success, so it’s gonna be a pretty intense evening.

photo (30)


It’s also day 3 of my February Foto Challenge!
Day 1
Day 2

Today’s challenge was to take a photo of something you miss. I wasn’t sure how to take a new picture of this, so I’m using old ones, but as you can see they’re just as entertaining.166_509041569669_136_n



What is it I miss? Thanksfogging with these fine people. My friend Michael, who I am classily cheers-ing with a bud light, used to host parties over our Thanksgiving breaks from college, equipped with fog machines for proper dance space aura. They were seriously SO fun and it’s sad that I don’t live near these peeps anymore to have random theme parties. LOVE YOU GUYS!


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