Beyonce Wins Superbowl, but Ravens Claim Victory

We were prepared, but unfortunately they were not. Sorry, Paulie.20130204-081056.jpg

None of it is even relevant because the real winner here had nothing to do with football. Who are the Ravens? Doesn’t matter because Sasha came out to play and she brought her gyrating hips along with her. “Fierce” doesn’t begin to describe Beyonce’s performance. Her Highness graced us with one of the most memorable halftime shows we’ve ever seen. If only Jay came on stage to aid in a “wardrobe malfunction” but Mrs. Carter didn’t need it to blow us away.


Not only were we graced with the likes of “Love on Top,” “Baby Boy,” and “Halo” but we got to feast our eyes (and ears) on “Bootylicious,” “Independent Women,” and “Single Ladies” when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were catapulted from below the stage.


I know there was talk of them joining Lady Bey on stage but there was also talk that Mr. Carter would make an appearance. There’s no way she would have allowed for both scenarios since too much attention would have been taken away from herself, but I am thrilled that the Destiny’s Child rumors were the true ones. I still love ya, Jay, but this was just fantastic in so many ways.

For anyone questioning if she was singing live: come at me bro. Sweat, dancing, and singing were all real life. No song was sung like the original and she was shouting to the crowd so this was 100% live. Excuse me while I go practice my leg kicks.


I’ll just let you bask in that information and end this using hov’s words.
Any questions?!
Chew on that.


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