The Bachelor, Week 5 (Part 2): He’s Just Not That Into You

WAIT! Read Part 1 first. Okay, let’s move on.

Last night the ladies and Sean left Montana to go to…Canada. What a letdown.

Catherine got the first one-on-one date with Sean. They showed her shivering in the middle of nowhere with ice flying in her face. Who thought of this idea? Sean came up driving a “snow bus” to be her knight and shining armor and save her. They spent the day playing on a glacier. If you can enjoy yourself with someone while you’re shivering and ice is flying in your face, then they’re a keeper. These two obviously had so much fun playing like children so more power to them. Later, Sean took her in a horse drawn carriage to an ice castle. Catherine’s laugh was a bit much at some points but she seems genuine. She told Sean the story of when she was hiking on a trail at summer camp when she was twelve and a tree fell on her friend and killed her instantly. She said that ever since that day, she tries to live every day to the fullest. You go girl.

Tierra, Sarah, Ashlee, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, and Daniella made up the group date, but not before Daniella cried because she didn’t get the second one-on-one date. She should read He’s Just Not That Into You if she hasn’t already. The girls went canoeing and everyone threw a fit when Lesley took the only spot in Sean’s canoe (I didn’t write that with a sexual innuendo in mind, but let’s go with it). Their next event was a polar bear plunge. Selma opted out and claimed it was because she was scared of getting hurt, but I think we’re all aware it was because she didn’t want to mess up her hair. Sean kept trying to persuade her by telling her it was a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” I have to agree with Selma when she argued “no it’s not!” He was acting like this was the only cold country and lake in the world. I also realized that the whole point of this was so they did not miss a chance to show Sean’s abs.

High-pitched screams were abound as they all jumped in the water, and Tierra the dramatist got hypothermia, I guess. If that’s true, it was definitely a mild situation happening. She was supposed to rest in bed for the remainder of the evening but ended up gussying herself up to join the party. No. You’re fine. Quote of the night here was Lesley calling her a “Tierraist.”

Lesley got the rose on the group date. You could tell she wasn’t expecting it so she was excited – rightfully so, since Sean had told her earlier “I appreciate you so much.” Is that supposed to give her butterflies? Who talks like that? Tierra was enraged that she didn’t get the rose. Sucks for you, crazy pants. Lesley didn’t even need to be sick.

Sarah brought pictures of her family to show Sean. This was so awkward and I have no idea why she did it, but obviously Sean was incredibly turned off to the idea because he sent her home before the rose ceremony. He told her he felt that whatever connection they had was now gone and he was trying to force something that wasn’t. She was devastated but I give him props for recognizing that and being honest.

Des was given the second one-on-one date where she and Sean propelled down the side of a mountain to enjoy a picnic. *Cue cliche’ “this mountain is like our relationship” comments* They continued their date in a tee pee and Des was telling some story about how she lived in a tent as a child. I wasn’t really paying attention because the only thing I could focus on was Sean’s sweater.

Canada, eh?

Not surprisingly, Sean sent Selma and Daniella home. Sorry your revealing cleavage and terribly uncomfortable looking kiss didn’t help you at all, Selms. And now your conservative family will probably disown you.

The six left are Tierra, Des, Lindsay, Catherine, Lesley, and Ashlee. I’m struggling to figure out who I think he’ll send home next. I believe two are sent home next week. I’m really hoping Tierra, and maybe Ashlee? My original prediction for the top 4 were Lesley, Desiree, Lindsay, and Tierra. I want to swap Tierra out for Catherine now. Yes, I’m allowed to change it. This is my blog, sister.


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