The Grammys Were Amazing and Strange

The Grammys were 3.5 hours long and I can remember about 4 awards that were given. This show was all about the performances, and I am not complaining.

Taylor Swift opened the show with some sort of strange circus adaptation of “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” I hated it and loved it at the same time. She didn’t have her guitar which was very strange to watch. She was trying as hard as she could to leave her country roots behind and make us thing she was some sort of pop star. I was conflicted.


Can we all just agree that JT owned the Grammys last night? I’m so mad I had to be “unique” at age 13 and like JC Chasez instead of Justin, so now I can’t claim I’ve loved him for over a decade. Whatever, he’s way better looking and sounding now anyway. Smooth is the word that comes to mind, yes? I also loved that Jay-Z just walked up from the audience during “Suit and Tie” when JT shouted “Get out ya seat, Hov.” The obvious nature is not lost on me but this was put together so well. I also hate Jessica Biel now because not only is she married to Justin, but now she gets to be BFF with Beyonce? That’s just not fair.

That’s more like it

Kelly Clarkson did amazing during her performance. I was watching with my friend, Katie, who has a mild obsession with her, so this was super exciting. It was also a throwback to her idol days when she sang “Natural Woman” and now I wish I could pull of the hat and tie look circa 2002.

Carrie Underwood gave a lackluster performance. Of course she has a good voice and sounded amazing, but the whole thing was just yawn worthy. I’ve figured out that she knew that would happen which is why she chose this dress for entertainment courtesy of the makers of lite-brite.

I’m boring so just check out the cool lights on my dress

Her unfortunate situation was not helped by Hunter Hayes, who sounded horrendous when he “opened” for her. We all know I’m not a country fan, but his song, “Wanted” has become a favorite of mine over the last few weeks. He literally had to sing 20 seconds of it last night and butchered the whole thing. Talk about a let down.

Elton John would have been a welcome addition to the show if he wasn’t singing Ed Sheeran’s song. Who the hell let that happen? Does Elton John not know of his own status? Then that strange foreign man sang “Your Song” and it was so confusing. Elton, please re-think these things in the future.

The Bob Marley tribute was pretty cool. Taylor Swift was white girl rockin’ out though, so the cameras just focused mostly on that.

Most importantly, the Grammys were 30 minutes too long. What was happening with Frank Ocean? Not only did he sound terrible, but he also chose to super-impose a video of himself running for the lower half of his body.

People clapped, so does that mean they understood his performance? Can someone explain it to me? Oh, and LL Cool J officially needs to drop the LL now, because there was no lady love for the man last night. This I know for sure.

Grammys People: Next time, performers should include JT, Bey & Hov, and Kelly Clarkson only. Please take my request into consideration.


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