February Photo Challenge: Day 13 and the Best Book of All Time

Happy half birthday to me!

I used to get upset about the fact that my half birthday falls so close to Valentine’s Day because it gets over-shadowed. True story. I’ll be accepting cards and gifts at all times of day today. Since I’m now officially 23 and 5 halves, I thought it would be fitting to combine today’s photo challenge to post something that reminds me of childhood, as I reluctantly creep towards the wrong side of twenty-five.

Before I share this photo, I have a wonderful story to share with you guys. It’s about a young boy who goes to visit his best friend every day, without fail. They talk and eat lunch together, and just have a great time all around. One day, the boy doesn’t show up so his friend gets worried and instead goes to visit him (he usually can’t visit because of his habitat but we’ll get to that in a moment). When he gets to his friend’s house, he finds out that he’s sick, so that’s why he never came to visit!

The title of this masterpiece is The Friendly Duck. If you haven’t guessed, the boy’s friend is a duck. I didn’t want to tell you at first because I didn’t think you’d take the story seriously, but please understand that if this story was not a part of your childhood, you were seriously deprived. My Dad read this to me multiple times every night for at least five years. When I just took the book out, I started reading and stopped turning the pages and continued to read via memory. I guess some things just stick with you. I have no idea why I was so obsessed, but it was the first book I ever loved. If you have a child, please buy this for them. If you do not, please buy it for yourself. It has 5 stars on Amazon and I’m not even a little bit surprised.

Friendly Duck
The heartwarming ending to a lovely book
friendly duck journal
If you can’t see, this says:
“I would put The Friendly Duckling in a treasure chest because when I was a baby my dad read it to me all the time. Every night he read it to me. I love that book. It is my favorite book.”

Just had to prove that I wasn’t lying. Although, I have no idea why I wrote “duckling.” I definitely knew better. I’m also not ashamed that I was eight years old when I wrote that journal. The age for this book must be 2-4 max. Don’t judge.


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