The Bachelor, Week 7, Part 1: There’s Pixie Dust Everywhere

Hometown dates were last night on The Bachelor! I LOVE this week because we get to see everyone’s crazy families.

Sean visited with Ashlee’s family first. I seriously don’t know how to interpret this broad. She told her parents a little to much information about her dates with Sean, admitting there was a “lot of romance and rolling around in the sand.” Call me crazy, but I don’t think your pastor father (or Sean for that matter) appreciated the specifics. Also, that’s great that she adores Daddy-O so much, but the amount of times she compared her love for him to her love for Sean was just disturbing. You can love them both, but please, I beg of you, love them differently. All of that garbage aside, I can’t take anyone seriously who says “There’s pixie dust everywhere” in terms of the magic in their relationship. The only exception would be if she were 5 years old, or Tinkerbell, not a grown woman in her thirties.


Sean went to Seattle with Catherine. These two definitely seem the most natural when they’re together, and they’re constantly laughing. Her sisters seemed skeptical and might have ruined her chances a bit by telling Sean that she might not be ready to settle down. As we’ll discuss, Catherine lucked out since Des’ brother royally ruined her life instead.

Lindsay was up next. These two seemed to fit together well, too. The army workout was a little strange, but I guess that’s to be expected on this show. Why was Sean clothed though? We haven’t seen his abs in a while.*


Poor Des. She had a terrible night with Sean and her family. First, she decided to prank Sean and hire an actor to pretend he was her ex who was still in love with her. This was hysterical because Sean was super pissed. i appreciated the zoom in on his fist. i just wished they let it escalate enough that he actually threw a punch. Instead, the only thing I learned from this is that Nick needs to find a different profession, because actor isn’t quite working for him. Can we talk about Des’ brother now? I should’ve lnowm there would be a problem when he asked Sean “Mind if I holla at you real fast?” I did feel bad for Sean when he was accusing him of being a playboy and saying he didn’t think he was genuine. Sean was clearly not familiar with this type of person and how to speak to them, which ultimately was Des’ ticket home. If I were her, I’d never speak to my brother again. He legitimately ruined her life.

Regardless, all of that was nothing a little heart to heart between Sean and Chris Harrison couldn’t fix. Sean needed advice on whether to send home Des or Catherine, and Chris was super helpful, offering a lot of head nods and “yeahs.” You’d think after all these years hosting, he’d come up with some better advice. Sean left in the middle of the rose ceremony to go find his answer in the girls’ head shots. This is when Chris brought out the big guns and said “make the right choice.” Thanks for that deepness, bro.

Ultimately, the gangster brother caused Des to go home rose-less, sobbing, and borderline begging. I’m all for being upset and telling Sean he made a mistake, but the amount of times she clung to him crying “don’t let me go” was just sad. Just go home and ream out your brother for ruining your only chance at true love. Maybe Nick, the “actor,” can beat him up for you.

*Literally, as I was writing this, I looked up and Sean was shirtless getting ready for the rose ceremony. So perfect.

I wonder how much that cameraman hates his job


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