The Bachelor, Week 7: Sean Tells All Information We Already Knew

Last night was The Bachelor: Sean Tells All and, to be honest, I could’ve answered Sean’s questions accurately. Where’s the juicy details Chris!?

There were some highlights that I found a bit interesting. We all know that Des’ tool of a brother was disrespectful to our boy, Sean. Apparently, before that went down, they were chatting and he told Sean that he thought he was a great guy, and was very supportive of their relationship. Um, what? Sean was even honest enough to admit that this was a factor in sending Des home. Now I feel even worse for her because this was not her fault. It’s obvious her brother has issues that need to be addressed stat, but that’s just mean that Sean used that against her.

I’d also like to know who authorized the label of “fan favorites” for Sarah and Selma. I was not consulted on this and do not approve.

Lesley M., on the other hand, was correctly referred to as a “fan favorite.” Sean said he probably would have kept her if she had said she loved him. Selfish much, Sean? Maybe you could have conveyed your feelings better. Way to make her regret that for the rest of her life now. No, seriously, kudos for her tweet last night.


On the Tierrable front, nothing new happened, except we learned that her fight with the ladies went on for hours. Sean annoyed me again during his convo saying that if he knew about Tierra and what was going on, he wouldn’t have kept her. Off the top of my head, I can think of four people that said something to him. FOUR. He even went so far to say that he wished he had kept Jackie on the 2-on-1 date. Jackie was the first to say something! This got me heated. Just admit you were wrong. You’ll look less douchey, okay?

On a completely unrelated note, I’m so happy they showed Daniella imitating Chris Harrison. That was spot on. D FTW.

The show ended with a shower scene and they threw in some accompanying porno music for good measure. Classy.

At least Sean was a good sport about it, when he tweeted this:



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