Life Is But A Dream…

I know my posts about Beyonce are usually lighthearted and funny (I hope) but after watching her documentary, Life Is But A Dream, the Queen has forced me to take a step back, reflect, and put together some more genuine thoughts.

I tried to go into this viewing with an unbiased mind, as hard as that may be to believe. I failed 30 seconds in, but quite frankly if your opinion of Beyonce was indifferent, after watching this movie, you would shift gears straight into fan-zone. You still might not like her music and that’s fine. While I think it’s ludicrous, I do recognize that you you’re entitled to your own opinions. However, I do not see how any goodhearted, well-meaning human being could not be a fan of Beyonce, the person, after being exposed to her true character.

It is a rare thing in this world to have her level of talent, drive, and celebrity stature, and still embody the definition of humility. Did we see her act like a diva in this movie? One. Hundred. Percent. But any time the claws came out, it was in regards to her work – needing more rehearsals, requesting different lighting for her sets – it was never in the nasty way we’re so accustomed to these days by other celebrities. She was most aggressive about the art she presented. It has her name on it, so why wouldn’t she want to be proud of it? Plus, let’s be fair and admit that half of her concern probably stems from the fact that she knows people will judge her negatively if she does one thing that doesn’t adhere to their standards of what is acceptable, as we’ve seen recently.

I’m not going to talk about the specifics of the movie because I don’t want to spoil it. Please watch it, along with the Oprah interview, and you won’t be disappointed. I knew she was tough, but MAN, talk about a motivator. She is living, breathing proof that hard work will bring rewards. She knows her status. She knows the power it brings to her, but she never takes advantage of it. If possible, I now admire her even more.



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