Get Outta Here, Friday Haters

Are you one of those people who thinks that Friday just means you’re two days closer to Monday? And I mean, seriously bring people down with this? I know someone who does this, and while they don’t read this blog, I’m not naming names. I consider myself a fairly cynical person and there is truly nothing more irritating on a Friday than someone throwing this fact in your face.


Are Fridays not the one day of the week when pessimists of the world can unite in their one day of optimism, anymore? Just as you’re getting ready to toot your party horns, Debbie has to come in and pop all of your balloons. Unless you have a legitimate reason for being bummed out, this is unacceptable behavior. Of course, if Saturday & Sunday are not the weekend for you, you are excused. So, this Friday (and every Friday) I’m not gonna be that person. Instead, go watch one of the best SNL sketches of Debbie over here.

Moving on…

The internet kind of sucked this week for me. Anyone else? The story of two brothers searching for wedding dates via Craigslist was the best thing to happen in my neck of the woods. It has since been posted all over the web, but if you haven’t seen it, check it out.brothers1

These guys seemed hysterical, so I was immediately intrigued and asked Katie if we could apply. I was halfway through writing up how witty and attractive we are, emphasizing our love of day (and evening) drinking, dancing, and sucking up to annoying relatives, when I realized that I had plans the date of the wedding. Bummer. Since then, these chicks applied. They seem chill, so that’s acceptable if they end up going. Fellas, if you need dates for a different wedding, shout me a holla.

I’m off to go celebrate, because ya know what? IT’S FRIDAY.


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