Paulie’s Surprise 30th Birthday Party!

Nicole did such an incredible job putting together Paulie’s surprise party on Saturday night.


Everyone arrived at Clinton’s Ditch by 6:30 or so and the birthday boy walked in just after 7:00. I get the blogger fail of the year because I took one blurry picture during the “surprise” reveal that isn’t post-worthy. WAH. Paulie said he was surprised, though. Well done, Nicole! I did remember to take a picture of this.

Look at that adorable little nugget!

The party was bumpin’ all night long. We enjoyed delicious eats that I didn’t photograph along with an open bar. You do the math.

photo (7)
Me, Paulie, Mama, and Nicole ❤

Oh, and take a look at this cake that was not only superbly decorated, but also delicious.


Paulie’s sister’s boyfriend (got that?) is in a band that was playing across the street at Katie O’Byrnes, so after the party, we headed that way to watch them perform. They were SO awesome! The place was packed and everyone was dancing, myself included, obv. The band name is Funk Evolution, and I highly recommend seeing them if you’re in the Albany, NY area. Check out their website here.

Things got a little wild from here and I’m not even sorry about it. I was pretty much acting like it was my 30th birthday. So sue me. Don’t worry though. Paulie was celebrating and enjoying his night.

Double fisting a fishbowl and a beer like a boss

Needless to say, we all woke up feeling a tic under the weather today, but it was worth it. We all had a blast and I’m so glad Paulie had a great time with his family and friends. Happy birthday, again, Paulie! Kudos to Nicole for pulling off a fantastic night 🙂



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