February Foto Challenge, Day 27: Something That Inspires You

I am about to become an emo cliche’ and you have full permission to judge me for it.20130227-152700.jpg

Yes, it’s true. I’m posting that quotes are something that inspire me. I might be cheating, but oh well. While these are “pictures,” they’re really just words. Up until now my favorite quotes were confined to the likes of my Pinterest, notebook, or my phone, and many still are that I won’t share with you today. It kind of goes against everything I believe in since I don’t condone posting inspirational quotes to social media such as Instagram, but I’m making an exception for just this one day.


I use quotes to motivate me. For example, I’ll be racking my brain for a blog post idea, trying to get past a horrible writer’s block. Just at the right moment, I’ll glance up at my TV, and the gorgeous Seth MacFarlane is signing and dancing and I’ll start drooling. Maybe I’m drooling because my pizza is so delicious, but I get a strong suspicion that the lovely Seth has something to do with it as well. The truest thing I know right then is that Seth MacFarlane is, for lack of a better word, hot, and it’s the first time I’ve noticed it. I run with it, and magic is born. Sure, maybe Ernie meant something a bit more serious, but I can interpret it as I so choose.

I hit publish, and then I see this, and panic.

I start questioning my entire being. Do people want to meet me? Do they enjoy my company? What if I’m not funny enough? What if I’m too sarcastic? What if I have chocolate on my face? I start sweating, partially from nerves, partially because I have a minor sweating problem. Then one of my oldest and dearest friends, Oscar, steps in to tell me to chill the eff out.

Gosh, you are so right, Osc. I need to stop worrying. To help calm my sweat-capades, I pour a glass of wine, because let me just admit what we’re all thinking…


So you see, I need these quotes for inspiration, but also for sanity.


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