In Defense of Seth MacFarlane, the Sexy Genius

Seth MacFarlane is getting so much backlash about his hosting of the Oscars on Sunday night. Most of the reviews either say he was completely unfunny or completely offensive. If you didn’t think it was funny, I guess that’s okay. I was laughing, but who am I? For those that were shocked at the offensive jokes told, who were you expecting, Mr. Rogers? You don’t have to be a fan of Seth MacFarlane to understand that he brings crude humor to the table. “Oh my! He sang a song about boobs!” What, are we twelve? Who gives a shit? It was funny. To be honest, I was expecting the whole thing to be more outrageous than it actually was. The point I’m trying to ramble towards is that expecting any sort of clean humor from him is like expecting the cast of Jersey Shore to be sober at a bar. It’s just what he does, so I don’t think it’s fair that the media is being so hard on him.

All of that aside, when did Seth get so attractive, and why didn’t anyone tell me?sethshruggif

I always knew what he looked like, but I guess I was just more quick to picture this rather than the human.

He looked delicious at the Oscars, but I’m a stickler for a singing and dancing fiend, so that probably upped his appeal for me as well.

I might be the only person who likes Seth even more after after his hosting gig, and I am 100% okay with that. I spent a solid 60 minutes watching old interviews, his SNL monologue, and other random videos that showcase his looks, humor, talent, and pure genius. Anyway, here’s a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

For the scruff lovers


I like drinking and laughing, too. Can we hang out?


Love a good smirk

Seth, call me?


10 thoughts on “In Defense of Seth MacFarlane, the Sexy Genius

  1. I’m not a Family Guy fan, but Seth is insanely hot. And I thought he did a great job hosting. Much preferable to Anne Hathaway and her maniacal overcompensation for James Franco’s apathy.
    Thanks for posting something I could drool over while eating my lunch 🙂

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