Friday Rambles

I watched American Idol this week for the first time since the auditions this season and all I have to say is “no.” No to everything happening. No to Nicki. No to Keith Urban (WHAT!?) No to the fact that contestants no longer have a long walk of shame to determine their fate.

Mariah, I tried for you, but I have just had it. It’s time to end this show and I never thought I would ever feel that way. I only half-assed watched the girls’ episode, but someone sang “Circle of Life.” I was hysterically laughing, because as my friend, Billy, pointed out, I sing that song better when I’m 8 games of flip cup deep at a 4th of July party in New Jersey. My laughter was interrupted by the judges’ praise of this contestant. 

I can’t dwell on this anymore. One of all, I don’t think anyone watches this show anymore so none of you (4 people) have any idea what I’m talking about. Two of all, I refuse to end on such a negative note on a Friday. Instead, watch the most inspirational video ever.

There is nothing better than Simon’s faces in these videos, specifically at 3:22. Nothing like reminding us all, myself included, not to be a judgey wudgey was a bear.

Anyway, it is March. Spring is coming. My piggies are itching for flip flops. I can smell the freshly cut grass and it gives me buttah-flies.

Happy Friday, my loves!!!!


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