The Truth About New Orleans, LA

You often hear about New Orleans and Bourbon Street and how wild it is there. It’s easy to think everyone is exaggerating, but straight up, everything you hear is fact.

Just your standard afternoon

After our flight was cancelled Thursday morning (BOO) we took a later flight at 1PM and made it to New Orleans around 8PM. We immediately changed and headed out to explore. Even on a random Thursday night, herds of people were roaming the streets. The bars don’t close and there is live music at every other bar on Bourbon Street. Everyone here is so nice – the bartenders, drunks, bouncers – everyone. See? One band even invited Al up on stage to sing “Jack and Diane.”


We woke up feeling surprisingly well and headed out to explore, and had brunch at Mother’s Restaurant. There was minor language barrier when Katie was given the wrong meal and we tried to explain it, but we eventually settled it, and the food was delicious.

Riverwalk by the Mississippi

We saw the Mississippi then walked to get beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde.


These were devoured in Jackson Square where we admired the scenery and gorgeous 70* weather, while turning our jeans white with the help of powdered sugar.

Jackson Square

After that, we went to grab a drink and ended up meeting a group of guys that were there for a Bachelor party (you will see/meet at least 15 bachelor and bachelorette parties if you ever go here). After a few drinks, we headed back to shower off the powdered sugar and met up with our new friends later. The evening was spent primarily at Razzou (?) If a bar doesn’t have a live band, they have some sort of MC, which is what this bar (club?) had. I’ve never been anywhere that not only allows you to climb rails onto the stage, but encourages it. Bouncers were helping drunk chicks hurl themselves over the rail. I knew I would end up with a broken rib or something, so I used the stairs, but you better believe I made it there.

We took a little tour on Saturday Bourbon Street is insane for about 5-10 blocks, but then you hit a residential area and it’s almost peaceful. The houses and architecture are so different and gorgeous, but I of course did not take a picture.

Our flight was at 7:30 AM on Sunday, so Saturday night I took it easy because I can barely do flying when I’m well rested, let alone hungover. When we left our hotel there was a random parade happening, which turned out to be a parade for St. Joseph.20130314-101744.jpg

We obviously stood and caught some beads (Side note: you can remain fully clothed and still get an absurd amount of beads. I don’t think I saw one girl flash anyone. Oh, and beads are thrown constantly from balconies, not only during the parades). People watching was truly amazing since I was sober. It was like a zombie town of drunks.


We also hit up a dueling piano bar and caught a few songs. I LOVE dueling piano bars, so that was awesome. We hit the hay for 60 minutes, woke up, and made it to the airport on time for our flight. We got home at 3 in the afternoon and I slept until 7AM the next morning (woke up once to eat a piece of pizza, naturally).

I was sad to leave because I don’t know when/if I’ll be back, but I don’t think my body could have handled another night of that. I wouldn’t have been opposed to another day eating beignets, though.

Drink water the week before you go. You will not have this while in NOLA.

Go to Cafe Du Monde. The beignets truly are delicious. Plus, it’s just so cool to see something that’s been there for so long. Sit and eat these in Jackson Square.

Look for drink deals! One bar had 2 for 1’s and I paid $7 for 2 beers. Turns out, that was a rip off because we later found a 3 for 1 deal that was $7 for 3, or $7 for a triple shot drink.


Check out the Mississippi River because, why not?

Watch out for creeps, and not only at night. These homeless people are not the NYC kind who pretty much keep to themselves. When we were in line for brunch, this guy came up behind me and had his head essentially rested on my shoulder asking for money. Be firm. Push them away and then they’ll leave. Note: this was at 10AM so be careful, ya hurr?

Get a hurricane at Pat O’Briens. Our cab driver told us to do this and it was our first drink in New Orleans. It’s sweet and delicious, and you have to do it.

‘Scuse me? Can I have my hurricane “to-go?” Yeah. Where am I!?

Bar hop. You can get “to go” cups at every bar since there’s drinking on the street. Go check out all of the different bands, bars, and atmospheres. You don’t even have to chug your triple shot drink – take it with you!

Don’t worry about what you look like. First, you will look horrific within 10 minutes of going out. Second, this place is so laid back and casual. I was borderline overdressed in my pink jeans and blouse.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 🙂

Our friends!

*Most of these pictures are from Katie, soooo thanks KMK!


5 thoughts on “The Truth About New Orleans, LA

  1. Ah, you’re so lucky you go to go! I LOVE New Orleans! Mother’s and Cafe du Monde are possibly two of the best places on Earth and I have dutifully made Hurricane’s the past two hurricanes that I have lived through since I’ve been to Pat O’Briens. I really, really want to go back there and I even more want to go for Mardi Gras one year. Coincidentally I am currently eating Voodoo chips and drinking an Abita Purple Haze (total New Orleans food and beer if you didn’t have some while you were there).

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