The Best St. Patrick’s Day EVER

Hello my faithful three and a half readers! How was everyone’s weekend? Did you booze it up for St. Patrick’s Day? As you may or may not know, I did not attend any sort of parade/green beer/vomit-fest. A friend of mine planned to go, and she mentioned since it would be freezing, she’d be bundled up in a scarf and gloves. We then joked about how anyone between the ages of 18-22 would be spotted quickly since they’d be wearing t-shirts even thought it would be freezing outside. I seriously thought this was so funny, thinking, “How true! What a bunch of idiots!” Then it turned into, “Aw, I miss college. Wait. I used to be one of those idiots.” I tracked down a photo from my Senior year kegs & eggs, and was thrilled to see that my friends and I all had long sleeve shirts on under our t-shirts. What smarties! We certainly learned by year four. Also, the girl with the red hair and glasses belongs to us, but the one with brown hair and glasses in the back does not. Bet you’re mad that you photo-bombed our pic and I’m posting it for 3.5 people to see, huh?

(Ri – if you’re out there. Where the f were you?)

Anyway, I’m getting too damn old to wear shamrock headbands and still be taken seriously. I was probably pushing it then, too, but whatever.

This year, I made a last minute decision to visit my BFF, Jackie. We’ve known each other since we were two, and she still humors me and accepts me as a human, so for that (among other things) I love her dearly. She recently bought a new place and it was so precious! I failed miserably in the photo department, but I did manage to snap this one.

photo (1)

In case that sign doesn’t give it away, we spent last St. Patrick’s Day together as well. I DO have a picture of that.

photo (2)

A few of us went to her friend’s house, drank brews, ate pizza, and played catchphrase, and it was probably my favorite St. Patrick’s Day to date. Thanks to Michele for having us, and thank you to Jackie for housing me for the night! LYLAS! BFFL! 143! Too much?


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