Girls. This Ain’t No Fairytale

If you watch Girls and haven’t finished Season 2 yet, don’t read anymore (spoilers, bro).

Why are some people saying that they enjoyed the last episode? The whole idea is good – focus on Hannah’s OCD and recognize how serious mental illness can be, but this was just done so poorly. The whole idea of Adam “saving” Hannah makes me cringe. The fact that he was running, full on sweating, to get to her and be her knight in shining armor – literally picking her up and holding her like a child – was just outrageous. Also, we’re going to pretend that Marnie is actually in love with Charlie again and isn’t just using him because she’s so lost in her own life? Okay. Shoshanna – as irritating as she is – was the only one I respected in this episode for breaking up with Ray because she realized she didn’t love him and only felt sorry for him, “like I feel sorry for a monkey.” I also appreciated this comparison because he always makes weird faces with his lips, and…well…HBO Hosts The Premiere Of "Girls" Season 2 - Arrivals

I’m super disappointed in Lena Dunham. I thought she knew better than to make all of these girls need saving by men (boys) who could either use a haircut (Adam & Ray) or less gel (Charlie).

HBO Hosts the New York Premiere of Girls
LA Looks? Can I borrow?

One thought on “Girls. This Ain’t No Fairytale

  1. I know what you mean about this episode – it definitely gave off the air of “girls being saved by boys.” But I wouldn’t give up on Lena Dunham yet — the fact that we all so clearly can tell that Marnie isn’t really in love with Charlie and the ridiculousness of Adam running half naked to “save” Hannah — there’s something not right and the series isn’t over yet. I think Dunham’s setting us up for season three. Plus, maybe she’s showing us what all girl-oriented shows do: make the men somehow the key to women’s lives, which we all know isn’t true. I’m looking at season two’s ending skeptically, but we’ll see what she does with it.

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