It’s Not The Bachelor, But It’ll Do

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having serious separation anxiety from The Bachelor. In an effort to get my fill of Sean Lowe and his awkwardness, I turned on Dancing with the Stars last night. Conveniently, I caught a glimpse of Sean saluting to the cameras while wearing a lifeguard tank (!?) getting ready to perform what they described as a “Chip N Dales” version of the Jive. Leave it to Sean to continue to exploit his body for money.


Apparently the whole lifeguard shirt was part of a skit. Sean was surprisingly not as awkward as one would anticipate, but he just had his damn goofy grin the whole time. Catherine was cheering him on from the audience, so I guess they’re still together.

Also, I think I’m late to the game on this, but my friend, Shana, who stays on top of all things Bachelor informed me that Sean Lowe refers to himself as a “born-again virgin.” I just… Tawk amungst yaselves…


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