I Support Cory, but Not Sean

I’m obviously a Glee fan, so I need to mention Cory Monteith (real name: Finn Hudson) checking himself into rehab. Good for him. Seriously. Maybe others need to follow in his footsteps (Hey, LiLo. Sup?) I have faith that our Finn will be side-eyeing, singing out of the corner of his mouth, and dancing terribly in our televisions in no time.finn-glee

I turned on Dancing with the Stars last night because I wanted to catch Sean again. After a while, I got disinterested and started browsing the inter-webs stalking Facebook. About 20 minutes later, the “YMCA” started blaring from my TV and I looked up to see what jack-wagon was dancing to it.

Good thing he picked the most “manly” of the Village People. His words, not mine.

I’m not even going to talk about his dance skills, because it’s irrelevant. Okay, wait, yes I am. It would be one thing if he knew the steps and just performed poorly, but I seriously don’t think he remembered anything. He was following his gal the whole time and would always be a step behind her, like he just realized which leg he was supposed to haphazardly kick. There was a point when I thought he was going to drop her because he didn’t put his biceps out fast enough to catch her. None of it matters, though. He could be the best dancer out there, but he’s still a huge tool (see above photo for reference). I might as well just let Sean write this blog since he’s doing it anyway with his mere presence. You need a job after DWTS, bro?

Also, I realize it was “prom night,” but really, Brooke Burke?brooke burke

Last, but most certainly not least, Happy Birthday, Lee DeWyze!398246_720260350673_2054916631_n


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