10 Reasons I’m Excited for Spring/Summer

I’ll take snow in March if I have to, but brushing snow off of my car on April 2nd is just so rude. This better be the end of it. I’m not even asking for much. I’d be happy with 45* and partly cloudy. Ugh, you’re such a bitch sometimes, Mother Nature. Anyway, I’ve complied a list of reasons to look forward to warm weather, brought to you by Michelle Tanner.

1. Ice cream – I eat ice cream year round as much as the next guy, but there’s something wonderful about having to inhale your ice cream before it melts. Also, soft serve is a magical thing.

2. No coats – It will be truly amazing when I no longer have to dress for the arctic to go purchase said ice cream.

3. Poolside – Not so much for the bathing suit, but for the tan.

4. My birthday – I’ll be on the wrong side of 25, but I’m coming to terms with it.

5. Outdoor sports – LOL, just kidding. However, my friends and I are in a kickball league for the 2nd year in a row, which is so fun!

6. Open windows – For both the home and the vehicle. I had my car windows open a few days ago when we had a fluke of good weather and I had to remind myself that I wasn’t a dog and my head couldn’t hang out the window while driving.

7. Flip flops – I think this is self-explanatory. In a rush for your ice cream? Throw on some flops and head out the door in a jiffy.


8. Not having to wake up 10 minutes early be 10 minutes late to work so I can clean off my car – This might have happened this morning (who the hell expects to do that on April 2nd!?) and every other snowy day.

9. Sunday Funday – My friend, Brian (hi Bri!), was one of the first people in our group of friends to buy a house. We congratulated him by invading his home every Sunday last summer to drink and eat. We’d usually end the night getting ice cream.

10. Getting full use of my sunglasses – Days are longer and also sunnier.michelle-sunglasses

I’m sure I’ve left off incredibly important things to look forward to, so if you think of one, add it in the comments. Also, if you’re thinking Gee whiz, this girl talked a lot about ice cream then we probably can’t be friends. For starters, you use the term “gee whiz,” plus, you don’t understand one of the most important facts of life.



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