Things I Loved This Week

There were, in fact, other exciting things that happened this week in the world of television that were overshadowed by Beyonce.

They are making a sequel to Finding Nemo. Ellen announced that Finding Dory will come on out in 2015! I’m so excited for this, along with everyone else. Nicole and I used to still constantly repeat “You miss ya Dad, don’t ya, Shark bait?” because it was hilarious. Gill better make an appearance in this film. If you need a chuckle today, watch Ellen’s announcement – just another reminder of how hysterical she is.


There were two new episodes of The Mindy Project on this week! So far, from watching this show, I’ve learned is that I need to figure out a way to become best friends with Mindy. Based on her beliefs, I think I have a shot.

Am I the only person that still watches The Office? I don’t even think it’s that great anymore but I have to watch to see how the series ends. If they ruin the best relationship to ever exist on television, I will hunt those writers down. Then I’ll probably just complain.

American Idol still enrages me. Lazaro and Janelle better be next to go. Also, Ryan Seacrest sent a tweet while on stage last night, AKA he doesn’t run his own Twitter. I feel violated. Everything I know is a sham. Ryan, you should be ashamed. You think having 15 jobs is an excuse? It’s not.

On that note…

Have a great weekend!



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