A Love Letter to Flip Flops

The weather is finally beginning to warm up here in the Northeast and I was able to wear flip flops for the first time this year without getting frostbite. I must pay homage to the lovely flip flop and all its wonders. *Note this is really only specific to the female flop. I’m not really a mandal supporter unless you’re at the beach*

My dear, sweet, support-less shoes,

My love for you could move mountains and I am so happy you’re back in my life. You are the epitome of comfort – the way you let my feet be free to roam is too kind and sometimes I don’t even feel I deserve it. You never give me blisters like the flats I’m forced to jam my fat foot into. No, in fact, you’re helping my existing blister heal with just your airy presence. Because of your openness, you let me leave the house with freshly painted toes without any hesitation – without fear of a smudge.


You are so versatile; you go with everything and come in every color! I can wear you with sweats, jeans, shorts, and sometimes even formal attire. My word, that’s incredible. Not only that, you even mold to my foot in the most perfect of ways and I am forever grateful. No other shoe in my life has done that. None of them get me like you do.

Circle of flip flops on grass.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are cheap. Sometimes I use you too often and for that you must forgive me, but it is only because I love you so. So when you wear so thin that a hole appears in your heel and/or big toe, or the soil of our Earth gets to be too much for you to handle, I can buy more of you.

Thank you for always being available and allowing me to take advantage of you without question. I hope you’re here to stay until the last November leaves have fallen. Until then, lets enjoy the time we have together. Thank you for always coming back into my life.

With love and bare feet,


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