10 Really Important Things That You Don’t Need to Know

It’s Friday! Naturally, I feel the need to jam your head with the useless information that’s in mine right now.

1. If you’re a Glee fan and haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, skip this paragraph, unless you want things spoiled. Um, I’m still not really sure what to think of the episode. Part of me absolutely hated it, but part of me enjoyed it. I was all set to sing along to a giddy episode and find out if Rachel got the part in Funny Girl and instead there’s a school shooting and I’m shaking/crying thinking that Brittany is going to get shot in the bathroom. I cried, but I didn’t really laugh, and this show usually gives me both of those things so that was disappointing. I get it Ryan Murphy. You were trying to be “real,” and it was done well and the acting was phenomenal. But let’s face facts, your show isn’t real. High schoolers don’t break out into song and dance 10 plus times a day. That it part of the wonder of Glee – that it’s an escape from reality. I don’t know. This just didn’t sit right with me.

2. On a happier note, Lazaro was finally voted off American Idol last night! Janelle needs to go next week and then literally any of the other 4 girls deserve to win, but I’m rooting for my girl Candice. I mean, come on.


3. I’m pretty sure I have 2-3 of these.

4. What is with the freezing cold weather again?! Ugh. I just want to wear flip flops.

5. I did push ups Wednesday night and my arms are still sore today. I did a total of 4.5 before I collapse to the ground. That is so messed up. 

6. I recently realized that I spend a LOT of time looking at and drooling over cooking blogs. I rarely make any of these things. Why is that?

7. I over estimated my banana intake because I guess I thought I was a monkey. Banana bread will likely be made this weekend. Now if I can only find a good recipe from 1 of my 500 blogs that I read.

8. We recently read Gone Girl for our book club. Afterwards, I was intrigued by the inner workings of Gillian Flynn’s strange mind and read Dark Places. Where do people come up with this stuff?! Wild, twisted, mental, crazy, amazing stories. Woah.

9. I religiously wear hair ties on my wrist in case of emergency. I didn’t do this today. My hair is curly and big. You do the math.

10. I need a drink.


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