American Idol Official Rankings by Moi

It was only a matter of time until I was fully sucked back into American IdolMy sentiments still ring true about the judges but these girls are so damn talented. And by “these girls” I mean Candice. I am envious of her gift. Let’s discuss the top 5 in the order that I hope they are eliminated.

5. Janelle: I’m going to try and not let my hatred for country music make me too biased. Just kidding. She is just not up to par with the talent that surrounds her. She first sang Vince Gill’s “When I Call Your Name.” Uh. This is quite obviously a heartbreaking song and she was smiling for the entire performance like she just won the competition. HUH? Not to mention, I was so excited to hear her diva song because I couldn’t think of any country “diva” who she could cover. I completely forgot about Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, Janelle did not.

janelle-american idol-smile
Evidently, this is the face of someone who just found out their wife/husband has left them

4. Amber: If I wasn’t already over this girl before last night’s show (I was), I would’ve been after she butchered “Without You” directly in front of Mariah Carey. Bless her, Mariah was as positive as she could have been – as were all the judges – but the NUMBER ONE rule on this show as proclaimed by Randy Jackson is that you don’t cover these powerful songs unless there is no risk that you will fail. There was a risk. And it happened.

3. Kree: I’mma be honest. I had to look up the 5th contestant 20 minutes after the show ended because I forgot who else performed. I guess that’s pretty telling on how Kree did. I actually enjoyed her Celine rendition of “Have You Ever Been in Love?” She’s seriously good, but what really grinds my gears is that she constantly switches genres. She says she’s country but it only seems that way half of the time. If you’re going be a country singer, be a country singer and I’ll see you never, but I’d respect you more for staying true to yourself.

2. Angie: Starting off with a dedication of “Stand by You” to Boston that gave me goosebumps is the best way to get yourself a shot at the number 2 slot. Following it up with “Halo” by Mrs. Carter is the best way to secure that spot. This is one of my favorite songs by Beyonce’ and it is incredibly difficult to sing. I know this because I try to do so often in my car. Don’t get me wrong, nothing will top the Queen, but Angie did it justice.

1. Candice: Put the other four in any order you want. Candice is worlds better than them all combined. It’s ridiculous how talented she is. Poor Paula Abdul’s version of “Straight Up” was trumped by this girls rendition. She sang “When You Believe” for her diva song. Ironically, she performed immediately after Amber’s Mariah performance. Talk about showing someone how it’s done.


As I said, nothing was different with the judges. Nicki Minaj continued to talk without moving her mouth, so that was irritating as per usual. She did manage to sort of compliment Mariah, but it’s too little too late to redeem yourself.


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