Five Things Friday

Some randomness for you this Friday, because I think we can all use a laugh…

1. 20 Reasons Why Going to the Gym is a Huge Waste of Time
Let’s all take a hint from this guy and do things right.

2. We won our first kickball game last night, 12-1! It was freezing and I almost got blown away by the wind but it was so fun. Part of my enjoyment stemmed from that fact that I scored my first run since starting to play kickball last year. Let’s just say I’m not the most athletic and this was a huge feat. Please just let me revel in my victory and rejoice that this wasn’t me during our first game.

3. American Idol got it right in so many ways last night by sending Janelle home and allowing the wonder of Clay Aiken grace the stage last night singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” This was the same song that should have won him the title in 2003, but he was robbed BLIND by Ruben Studdard. I didn’t appreciate Ryan saying he missed Ruben last night, though. No one does, Ryan. No one.

How have I never seen this photo before!? I’m so happy.

4. Glee redeemed itself last night after last week’s unsettling episode. I was reminded why I fell in love with its glory to begin with. From Mercedes’ headband to Finn looking like a tool, they captured it all. And, yes, I cried.

5. Reasons My Son is Crying – Go here now if you haven’t seen this yet. I really hope to exploit my children in a similar fashion someday.

I was going to try to make it to ten, but I’m spent. Have a wonderful weekend!


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