On Celebricizing

Last night on American Idol, Nicki Minaj told Amber that out of the four girls, she is the one who she would want to be friends with. Nicki mentioned it quickly and brushed it off as something unimportant, but I strongly agree with her sentiments. I don’t think I would choose Amber, but for the first time, I agree with the idea Nicki was trying to get across. I’ve been wanting to put a post like this together for a while and Nicki inspired me. It’s obvious that I have a strong love – borderline obsession – with certain celebrities. Some include Beyonce, Lee DeWyze, and newer members to my club such as Seth MacFarlane, Mindy Kaling, and Jennifer Lawrence.


Many people question why I adore these celebrities so much, saying things like “but they’re just normal people,” and to that I say “EXACTLY!” Look above! I sang with Lee on the streets of Northampton, MA before his show. You don’t get that from other pretentious celebrities these days. If you take a look at my list, you’ll notice that most of these people are just funny down-to-earth real people. Beyonce’ could be argued in that category, but I still think she’s a genuine kind-hearted person. I obviously think these people are incredibly talented in their craft, but when I start to swerve into the “borderline obsession” category, it’s mainly because I’ve come to enjoy them as a person. I legitimately just want to be friends with these people. I’d even settle for just acquaintances if that was the only thing available.

Normally, if I meet someone and think they’re awesome and want to be their friend, I can easily make that happen with my charming and hilarious personality. The whole “unattainable, you’ll never get to be friends with these awesome people and dance with Beyonce on your birthday” is what really bothers me.
So you’re related by blood, Solange. Big deal. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that being like-able is incredibly important, at least in my eyes.

Beyonce, Lee, Seth, Jennifer, Mindy: If you ever come across this, please let me know so we can hang out. Thanks.


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