Something Terrible Happened Last Night

1. Our second kickball game was not as successful as our first. We lost 3-2 and pretty much cried. A few of us went to Red Robin after our game to celebrate Kate’s birthday. I’m still trying to fit properly into the dress I got for her wedding and I somehow managed to get a salad instead of a bacon cheeseburger with 1 cup of guacamole. *pat on back*

2. I came home and watched Lee Dewyze’s performance of “Silver Lining” on American Idol and was wooed all over again.

Then, Ryan Seacrest scared the shit out of me by saying that Candice was in the bottom two, only to say that there was a “twist” and no one would be going home this week. Thanks for the mini heart attack, you jerks.

I now need to vote close to a thousand times (Lee DeWyze status) to make sure she makes it next week.

3. The most truly horrendous thing happened to me last night circa 10PM. Please prepare yourselves, because this is really disturbing. Are you sitting down? Okay, let me paint a picture. I am curled up in sweats and a blanket on the couch, ready to watch Glee. I was so excited to just be able to fly through the commercials and imagine myself dancing and singing next to Blaine. I went to my recorded shows to find horror. Glee did not record on my DVR. Are you hearing this? Glee did not record.
I stared at the TV in silence for a solid 7 minutes before I came to terms with that fact that I was not going to be graced with Glee. Once I started breathing regularly again, I just went to bed and called it a night. I must have accidentally cancelled it, but I have no idea why I would have done that. I will stew on this forever until I get to watch the episode. I suppose I’ll just have to wait until it is available online like some sort of animal.

The universe is lucky it’s Friday, otherwise I would have spiraled into a serious depression been super upset for the rest of the week. I’m too bummed to share any funny anecdotes with you, so enjoy your weekend! And do not tell me what happened on Glee last night.


One thought on “Something Terrible Happened Last Night

  1. You can just go on and watch Glee. If you have a major cable provider they have the episode up the next day.

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