From One Addiction to the Next

I am so sorry that you had to survive Monday without me. This week is super busy and flying by – I don’t hate it.

I mentioned that I deleted the Facebook app from my phone and about a week ago, I finally just deleted my account. It is seriously awesome not to have crap thrown in my face about how sunny and gorgeous it is outside. Fortunately, I have windows and doors myself.

That being said, I’ve just replaced my Facebook habit with something that consumes every moment of my free time. My sister introduced me to the wonder of Candy Crush.

If you’re unfamiliar, run away. Save yourselves. I’ve never smoked, but I’d imagine this game is an addiction similar to that of nicotine. I am stuck on Level 33 and seriously want to cry as I watch my turns slowly blink to zero as I lose yet another life.

**Edited to add: Literally, one minute after I hit publish, I beat level 33. The Candy Crush gods are with me**


The max number of lives allowed at once is 5, and without paying $0.99 (ain’t nobody got time for that) you only get a life added every 30 minutes. THIRTY. So after I run through my 5 allotted lives, I have to wait for more. It’s horrible.


I seriously don’t know of a worse screen to see on my phone these days. For all of those  whom I’ve judged in the past for asking my for more lives via Facebook (reason #294 for deleting), I apologize, as I now feel your pain.

I’m sorry for ending this so abruptly, but I have 5 lives to use up…


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