Target Probs & Drake Bell on Splash

I realize this is a universal issue so it’s almost cliche’ to mention, but I have to will force you to listen anyway. I went to Target yesterday for shampoo and spent over $80. If you’re wondering if I bought 5 years worth of shampoo, I did not. I don’t even remember what else I bought. Oh, nail polish. And tanning lotion because I’m a sucker. And a ton of other crap. Then the cashier asked if I wanted a Target card, as they always do, and I said no, as I always do. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth it, though. 5% off each purchase if you use it?! What a steal! I’d probably save like $20 a month the way I throw money away there. Think of what I can do with that extra money! Probably buy the extra lip gloss I was eyeing but put back because that would’ve been too much. 


Despite my lack financial savings abilities, this week has been super. The weather is just plain awesome and the weekend is almost upon us. I’m happy to say that flip flop season is in full, glorious swing!

I have one minor confession. I watched Splash again last night. It’s still outrageous but I couldn’t look away. These “celebs” need to reevaluate how seriously they take this. It’s not healthy. I thought Drake Nickelodeon was going to punch something after his bad dive.drake-splash
He was seriously so mad at himself. What do they win at the end of this? A trophy? Unless it’s a career revival, you’re not losing much, bro.



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