Voter’s Regret & No Strings Attached

I meant to include this in yesterday’s post but forgot!!! I think we can still enjoy.Justin-Timberlake-it'sgonnabemay

And, just in case you were dying to see it in GIF form

Seriously though, what is happening with Justin’s hair in that box? I get that they were supposed to be dolls (although I don’t get why), but now I understand why I always loved JC over him. Also, I need to include the fact that while I was searching for that image, I came across the *N Sync dolls and had a horrific flashback. I think I had these. You guys. Did you hear read me? I owned these dolls. That is not okay. I definitely didn’t have all of them – probably just JC.


I sincerely hope that that these were from sort of McDonald’s Happy Meal and not purchased from my perfectly good stash of birthday money. Ugh. Now I’m just feeling super nostalgic and am going to dig up my old *N Sync CD’s. Who’s with me?

Welp, the original point was to celebrate the start of May, so sorry about that tangent (except I’m not sorry at all).

Candice yet again flawlessly out-shined her so-called competition last night on American Idol. I’m going to have some serious issues if she doesn’t win, although I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t vote last night. I planned to but I don’t know what happened! I just forgot? That is so not acceptable and I am seriously stressed right now. Kree definitely needs to go home tonight, and hopefully Amber. A finale with Candice and Angie would be the best possible scenario – ultimately ending with confetti on Candice. I promise I’ll vote next week if she makes it through to next week. If she doesn’t, you’ll find me like this.



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