Five Thing Friday

Happy Friday! 🙂 Let’s get to it shall we?

1. I’m feeling incredibly mixed emotions about American Idol last night. Candice rightfully made it through to the next round, so I was obviously ecstatic. Kree and Angie stood arm in arm awaiting their fate. It was almost a joke to keep watching. Obviously Angie is going to make it though. And then.

KREE MADE IT THROUGH. This is just straight blasphemy. I almost felt guilty. I love Candice so much, but I assumed Angie was the front-runner. I just needed to vote to make  sure Candice made it and the top two would be the best girls in the group. This is so upsetting. Think of the incredible finale performances Angie & Candice would have given. Instead, we’ll just be sitting there like

Please note that I think Kree is very talented. It’s just that she does not even compare when standing next to these ladies.

2. I need to start watching What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Because wow.

3. Leave Kim Kardashian alone.
ook, is this an unflattering dress? Of course. Should she have worn it? Probably not. Did her motivation for wearing this stem from the fact that she craves attention and needs to be talked about? Ding ding ding! The same people that complain about her constantly are the same exact ones who are keeping her in the limelight. Let’s focus on the most pressing matter at hand: an innocent child is being brought into the world and has no choice but to be raised by Kanye West.

4. I really wish I remembered more of The Great Gatsby. Maybe I’ll try to read it again before seeing the movie, but probably not.

5. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s of the world! Love you, Mom!


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