Is Blue Ivy Getting a Sister?

There are rumors floating around that Beyonce is pregnant again. All I have to say is bring on the offspring! I’m a bit skeptical, though. Supposedly these rumors started because she mentioned that she wanted to give Blue Ivy a sibling, and a few weeks later she was wearing “camouflage” at the Met Gala.


I want to believe these rumors as much as the next wanna-Be-yonce, but the only thing I’m sure of from this photo is that Tina Knowles still influences her daughter’s fashion choices. Also, since when is the above pattern camouflage? Anywhore, I’m really hoping this is the beginning of the Carters really forming their clan. Those children will have talent spewing out their noses and I can only hope they put it to good use a la the Brady’s, except multiply the both the talent and entertainment factors by infinity or so, because well…

I can only sit and hope that these rumors are true. When I see the Queen LIVE in approximately 2.5 months, I’ll report on the bump status, although we’ll probably already know by then if this is true. Until then, I will imagine the magnificent scenarios that QB* will come up with to tell the world her news because, let’s face it, the only person who is constantly trying to upstage Beyonce is Beyonce.


*QB = Queen Bey. Obv.


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