Leo Has Aged Nicely

Alternate Title: Things You Already Knew

Last Friday I ended up seeing The Great Gatsby with Al & Shana. I haven’t read the book in about six years so I read Spark Notes beforehand to refresh my memory, but still didn’t remember the novel well enough to compare the two. Basically, if you hated this movie because the book was better, I’m sorry you won’t relate to this post at all.

I think the most important thing we learned in this film is that while the length of his hair has changed, Leo has yet to alter the part in his hair for at least 20 years. I love this.



Do I realize that we have matching side bangs? Sure. Do I care? Absolutely not.

So, in conclusion:Leo-can'tchangepastleo-ofcourseyoucan

I realize this post is a huge GIF overload, but I’m not sorry. In fact, you’re welcome for providing you with such wonderful images on this here Wednesday.



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