The Billboard Awards Got Me Heated, Apparently

Let’s just skip over the weekend re-cap because I don’t think many of you would be interested to hear about my night with Titanic and a bottle of wine. You can just follow me on Twitter if you’re dying to see the riveting life of a 25-year-old 65-year-old.


Last night, I managed to watch approximately two minutes of the Billboard Music Awards. Luckily, I turned it on just as Justin Bieber was being booed. How fantastic!? I was thrilled. Then he got up there looking like this.

Wait, it gets better. So he looks like this (a jackass) and then he starts “talking” about how he wants to be taken seriously as an artist and people need to focus on his craft. A few important things about this “speech” need to be discussed. I put “talking” and “speech” in quotes because the sounds that were coming out of his mouth could not be qualified as either. The entire thing was stuttering and “ah-ah-ah” (ah = I). If I thought the reason for this was nervousness, then I’d ignore it, but it was not. He was doing it to sound “cool” and spoke entirely hunched over the entire time.

Justin, if you want to be taken seriously, the first step is to not act like a huge douche canoe. A little humility wouldn’t kill you. I’m not saying he’s not talented and successful, but you’re gonna lose support and you’re gonna lose it fast with that obnoxious and pretentious attitude. If you want to watch the full stupidity, click here. I couldn’t bring myself to actually include this idiotic video in this post.

Immediately following that blasphemy, Taylor Swift won an award. I forget what it was for, but that’s irrelevant. Now, I have always had a love/hate relationship with T-Swizz. I love her music and can’t deny that I scream “22” at the top of my lungs in my car. Hell, I’m seeing her live in July and I could not be more excited! But for goodness sake, STOP making your surprised face every time you win something! You’re embarrassing yourself. Honestly, how many awards combined has Taylor won in her career beginning circa 2006? That’s a legitimate question if anyone knows the answer. You are not shocked anymore. No one is. So, please just stop with this.

It’s not cute. It’s just irritating. There was only one time when your surprise was warranted, and, might I add, genuine.
Taylor Swift's Best Surprised Faces: September 13, 2009

With that, I’m off to find something else to rant about, because apparently that’s the kind of mood I’m in right now.


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