Thunderstorms and I Missed Something IMPORTANT

I think I used to be scared of thunderstorms as a kid, but I honesty can’t remember. Now, I actually love them. There’s something cozy about them? I don’t know.

Either way, the thunderstorm last night circa 10PM was acceptable since I was just falling asleep. It was like my lullaby, you hear? It ended quickly and that was that, until 1AM when I sprung out of bed, convinced I overslept because there was so much daylight in my room. Oh, no wait, that was just lightning. This storm was wild. Those weathermen were not joking when they said this would be “severe.”clouds

Unrelated to the storm, I can’t believe I missed The Bachelor’s Funniest Moments last night. I didn’t even know it was on! UGH. I guess it’s all relative, though, since the actual show has enough humor to keep viewers watching anyway.

The Bachelor is on Monday nights 8|7c on ABC!

Can’t wait til The Bachelorette starts next week!


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