Things I’m Loving Thursday

1. The Honest Toddler by Bunmi Laditan.
The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting

If you don’t already follow The Honest Toddler on Twitter, or read the blog, I urge you to do both right now. I do not have children nor are offspring on my upcoming agenda. I still crack up at this every day. Perhaps it’s because I still act like a toddler myself in many ways. I’m only a few pages into the book and it is every bit as wonderful as I could have imagined. Here’s a bit of a description of HT from the book

Likes: Cake, running, shows, games, and red drink.
Dislikes: Naps, bedtime, unsolicited eye contact, quinoa, pants, and all forms of discipline.

Put naps and bedtime under “likes” and we’re pretty much the same person.

2. These pants from Old Navy.

Just like my friend, Honest Toddler, I typically dislike pants. These are so comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a 6-foot, size zero model.* Old Navy’s pants usually fit so awkwardly but these fit very well. I obviously need to cuff them when I wear them, but that’s not important. P.S. They’re listed at $17.99 on the website, but I got them for $11-ish in the store. Just sayin’.

3. Panera’s Strawberry, Poppyseed, & Chicken Salad. Oh. My. Noms. This is my favorite of all time but they don’t carry it year round. Rude.

You better believe I got this last night and enjoyed every last bite. Side note: What happened to Panera’s baguettes? I was given something like this and nearly flung it over the counter (HT status).

I rarely discriminate against any sort of fluffy carbohydrate, but I expect more from you, Panera. Is this a regular thing? Has anyone else experienced this heinous crime?

4. I’m still loving Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion. I tried to take a before & after picture to show you guys that this actually works, but apparently sunlight, or lack thereof, doesn’t allow me to accurately portray anything. I definitely recommend it though. After using it 1-2 times a day for 3-4 days you will notice a significant difference. Also, it doesn’t smell gross. I never tried the old one, but apparently it was raunchy. This one smells normal and even says so right on the bottle: Finally! Great color WITHOUT ODOR. Yikes, Jergen’s. You must have been seriously struggling with that.

5. Sarah Bareilles’ “Brave.” I’ve been meaning to talk about this song for a few weeks now. Sorry I’ve been holding out on you. Just listen and I won’t have to explain anything.

*I don’t actually think this is a popular belief among my peers.


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