Rainbows and a New Addiction

Another thunderstorm? Sign me up! Last night’s storm flew by. Literally, flew. I could see the rain being blown by the wind. The sky went pitch black around 7 and the storm lasted about 20 minutes. Afterwards, everything brightened up and I was greeted with this spectacular view from my window.
I know you’re probably like “cool, another annoying girl posting a rainbow like there’s actually a pot of gold at the end of it,” but this is my blog and I’ll post what I want! This was an especially awesome ‘bow because I could see the whole arch. I didn’t get a picture of the full thing, though. I went outside to take it and the water from the roof was dripping all over my body and ain’t nobody got time for that. My apologies.

On to some more important things…

I thought my summer TV line-up would be quite small. The Bachelorette is clearly going to blow huge chunks. I have no Glee, The Mindy Project, The Office, American Idol, or Modern Family. (When does X-Factor start?) Anyway, just as I was thinking about my welcomed lack of TV schedule this summer, I came across Extreme Weight Loss on Tuesday night. You better believe I bellied up with my popcorn for that ish. It’s like The Biggest Loser but approximately 1,000 times better. Everyone knows the best part of BL is the last episode when you see the incredible before and after transformations, but before that, you also need to deal with Jillian Monster Michaels screaming in their faces for 12 weeks. Um, no thanks.

Extreme Weight Loss is two hours long. I wish I knew that before I committed to it the other night, but there is nothing I can do about it now. (Not watching is not an option once I’m invested). Anyway, this show follows two people and you see their entire one-year transformation in the two-hour slot! It’s a different person (people? this episode had twins). Look at these wild before and afters.

Like, HI. If that’s not motivation to put down the cookies, I don’t know what is.


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