Marathon Eating

I haven’t done any sort of physical activity in about a week. When I realized this last night, I forced myself to do a workout I pinned on Pinterest circa one year ago. UM, ow. No, seriously. I actually said “ow” out loud when I sat down at my desk today. And every time thereafter. That will teach me to follow through with a pin. From now on I’m just pinning absurd amounts of crap and will never accomplish any of them just like everyone else.

To continue on my exercise boost, I went for a sleep-run this morning, which was brutal as expected. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s only a week. Who cares!?” My lack of exercise would really be fine if I haven’t been eating like I’m training for a marathon. Marathoners eat loads of brownies, pizza, cheese, and ice cream, right? In one sitting?


It’s not my fault, though. It’s my taste buds. Friday night I hosted book club. We read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. This is geared towards “young adult” readers, aka teeny boppers, but a group of gals in their mid-twenties (UGH I’m old) greatly enjoyed it. Although, we’re more like 18-year-olds at heart. Anyway, it was an easy, enjoyable, emotional book and you should read it.

On to more important things. I made salsa, guac, pizzas, cookie fruit pizza, and the star of the show, The Pioneer Woman’s Knock You Naked Brownies (sans nuts). Somehow, the brownies were the only thing leftover. My roommate hates chocolate. You do the math. I had an incredibly lazy Saturday mainly revolving around these brownies. Then, my friend, Bri, hosted the first Sunday Funday of the season. Burgers, dogs, chips, pasta salad, cookies, and beer were consumed. In excess.

Now I’m hungry. What was the point of this post? Oh, right. I’m eating like I’m training for a marathon. I am not. I am sore like I’m training for a marathon. I am not.

p.s. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the delicious food to show you. No time between the plate and my mouth.


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